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Discovering the Safest Neighborhoods in Dallas, TX: A Detailed Overview

In the quest for the perfect place to settle down, safety naturally takes precedence for individuals and families alike. Dallas, Texas, stands as a bustling hub with an array of neighborhoods, each boasting its own allure and amenities. This guide delves into the safest neighborhoods to reside in Dallas, TX, drawing insights from reliable sources such as Extra Space and Brothers Moving Texas. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned local, these neighborhoods promise tranquility and security.


Tucked beside the serene White Rock Lake, Lakewood emerges as one of Dallas’s safest havens. Its quaint streets, well-tended parks, and strong communal bonds define its charm. With relatively low crime rates, Lakewood emerges as an idyllic haven for families and professionals alike. Moreover, its exemplary educational institutions render it a prime choice for those with children.

University Park

Nestled near Southern Methodist University (SMU), University Park stands out as another beacon of safety. This affluent enclave boasts picturesque streets and commendably low crime rates. Residents bask in a tight-knit community ambiance and enjoy access to top-tier educational facilities. The bustling commercial scene along Hillcrest Avenue adds to its allure.

Highland Park

Adjacent to University Park lies the opulent Highland Park, renowned for its lavish estates, pristine parks, and exclusive atmosphere. Safety takes precedence here, evidenced by its dedicated police force and vigilant community watch programs. Though it ranks among Dallas’s pricier locales, its unparalleled safety and upscale amenities make it a magnet for affluent denizens seeking refuge in a secure environment.

North Dallas

Spanning across various neighborhoods, North Dallas stands as a sprawling expanse synonymous with safety and tranquility. Enclaves like Preston Hollow, Bent Tree, and Glen Abbey consistently earn accolades for their secure environs. Residents revel in a blend of upscale living and suburban serenity, complemented by esteemed educational institutions and recreational offerings.

Lake Highlands

Nestled in northeastern Dallas, Lake Highlands epitomizes diversity and family-centric living. Offering a more affordable alternative to its upscale counterparts, this neighborhood boasts well-kept parks and minimal crime rates. Its accessibility to major highways enhances convenience for commuters, further solidifying its status as a secure and hospitable locale for residents of all ages.

Oak Lawn

For those craving a vibrant urban experience without compromising on safety, Oak Lawn emerges as an enticing option. Situated just north of downtown Dallas, Oak Lawn embraces diversity and inclusivity, particularly within its thriving LGBTQ+ community. The neighborhood’s proactive safety measures contribute to its reputation as one of the city’s safest urban hubs. Boasting a dynamic nightlife, cultural festivities, and verdant parks, Oak Lawn promises an amalgamation of security and excitement.

Preston Hollow

Renowned for its grand estates and upscale lifestyle, Preston Hollow stands as an enclave of affluence and exclusivity in Dallas. Safety remains paramount here, underscored by a dedicated security patrol and robust community engagement. Preston Hollow offers a tranquil and secure retreat for discerning residents, solidifying its status as a preferred destination for those seeking safety and luxury.

In selecting a neighborhood in Dallas, TX, safety emerges as a pivotal consideration. Fortunately, the city presents an array of neighborhoods committed to safeguarding the well-being of their inhabitants. Whether you gravitate towards the suburban allure of Lakewood or the refined opulence of Highland Park, Dallas offers a safe haven tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. By consulting reputable sources like Extra Space and Brothers Moving Texas, you can embark on a well-informed journey to finding your ideal abode in the Big D.

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What are the safest neighborhoods in Dallas, TX?
Some of the safest neighborhoods in Dallas include Lakewood, University Park, Highland Park, North Dallas (areas like Preston Hollow, Bent Tree, and Glen Abbey), and Lake Highlands.
How are safety rankings determined for Dallas neighborhoods?
Safety rankings are typically determined by analyzing crime statistics, including factors like low crime rates, police presence, community watch programs, and residents’ perceptions of safety.
Are there any affordable neighborhoods that also offer safety in Dallas?
Yes, Lake Highlands is an example of an affordable neighborhood in Dallas known for its safety. It provides a secure environment without the high price tags of more exclusive areas.
Which neighborhoods are known for their low crime rates and family-friendly atmosphere?
Lakewood, University Park, and Preston Hollow are renowned for their low crime rates and family-friendly atmosphere. These neighborhoods often have excellent schools and well-maintained parks.
Can you provide information on the security measures in place in these safe Dallas neighborhoods?
Safe neighborhoods often have dedicated police forces, active community watch programs, and strong community involvement. Some affluent neighborhoods like Highland Park may even have private security patrols to enhance safety.
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Discovering the Safest Neighborhoods in Dallas, TX: A Detailed Overview

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