Dallas, Texas, is an area steeped in history and culture, especially regarding the US military! Home to two major Army bases and several historical forts, the city has unique experiences for anyone interested in military history. Information can be found here.

At Fort Hayes, established in 1849 and located near today’s Bachman Lake, visitors can explore what is left of the original adobe fort and a museum dedicated to military history and artifacts. The museum also houses a wealth of items detailing the history of Dallas and Texas. Rev War history buffs will particularly enjoy visiting Fort Hayes, as it was the site of an epic clash between the Texas Militia and Mexican forces in 1841. See here for information about An Introduction to Dallas, TX Museums, Art Galleries, and Cultural Centers.

Farther north and west of Dallas is Fort Wolters, an old US Army base that was established during World War II, operated until 1974, and is now part of the Martin Ranch State Park. The base, which features a post-exchange, riding stables, and a complete training school, is the perfect playground for history buffs and military-minded individuals. Other nearby attractions include Lions Park and Lake Mineral Wells, which offer scenic views of rolling hills and a quaint lake.

Finally, the Dallas Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base is south of the city, a key reserve base for the US Navy and Air Force. Visitors can see the inner workings of military operations through on-base tours and cruise-ins. Additionally, the base serves as an essential gateway to international commerce in Dallas, with its central air cargo hub responsible for millions of dollars in imports and exports.

The Dallas metropolitan area is a hub for military history and culture, from forts and bases to training schools and parks. Whether you are a history buff, military enthusiast, or just appreciate the importance of military service, Dallas has something to offer everyone looking for a unique experience.